Our core principle is powered by the message "Yoga is a light which, once lit will never dim. The better you practice, the brighter the flame".

Yoga minimizes the impact of stress on the individual. Regular practices of acing, pranayama & meditation strengthens the nervous system and helps people face stressful situation positively and confidently with equilibrium.

Benefit from the healing touch of yoga and restore the harmonious flow of energy in your body. The ancient wisdom of yoga also has therapeutic benefits through various asanas to massage internal organs of the body.

We offer the following sessions

Yoga asanas



Yoga nidra / Relaxation techniques

Stress management & counselling

Memory & concentration for studies

Counselling for student & parents

Pregnancy care & infant education

Natural rejuvenating programme

Therapeutic yoga for health cares

Yoga has gained tremendous popularity as it is clinically proven, so good that it is practiced widely in the West and the USA.



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