A promising & interesting treatment that enables one to live in the manner you want & get rid of back pain or any effects of an injury.

We use quality physiotherapy techniques that have its origin dating back to ancient times. Its modern version evolved in a mature manner and brought innumerable healing benefits to its patients across the world. Our various practices lies in various settings such as hospitals, homes, schools, work places, etc to provide relief to innumerable patients & clients from all age groups.

Qualified physiotherapists offer the following services in centrally air-conditioned comforts

Pain management with SWD, IFT, TENS, LASER, TRACTION, US, etc.

Rehabilitation programs

Regular fitness tests

Sports injury management

Cardiac rehabilitation programs

Health Management Programs

Modern physiotherapy health care systems are sophisticated & run by experts in the examination & treatment of problems pertaining to muscles, nerves & joints referred to by Paralysis, Spondylitis, back pain, etc. The effect imparted runs its course & move the affected body parts efficiently & effectively.


There is an adage that reveals that prevention is the best antidote to heal various ailments. Modern expert physiotherapists inject their talents to heal people who are injured & aim to prevent the injuries to escalate to dangerous levels. They play a pivotal role in fitness clubs to formulate workouts that are safe & effective for people who face problems relating to joints and back (Preventive exercise programs).


The message is stark & clear, PHYSIOTHERAPY should be administered only by a qualified physiotherapist & not by other kinds of practitioners who are unskilled, ineffective & unqualified.

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