The Complete Wellness Plan

"The World health Organization believes that "Health is not merely absence of disease but a presence of Mental, Physical, Social and Spiritual well being".

A complete wellness plan based on WHO a standard that holds the key to life long good health & we have one that is within your reach.

An effective one-stop wellness shop includes facilities, all under one roof, to provide every health need for you & your family. We package for you techniques from east and west, fitness for body and mind. The latest equipment's along with a team of experts to guide you towards good health.


Housed in a strong and spacious building of 2,500 sft, centrally air-conditioned, scientifically planned with wooden flooring and aesthetically designed, it remains a clear winner. Its state-of-the art bio mechanically designed workstations works in firming up well toned muscles, strong legs and a lithe and active body. With proven experts & well-trained physical trainers, we cater to your every gymnastic needs in a professional manner.

Cardiovascular: Fitness

We possess special, mechanical and electronically controlled aerobic training equipment like exercise bicycle, EFX-Cross trainer and electronic treadmills are employed to trim off extra fat gradually. This aerobic training complements the strength training equipment in the gymnasium and is an essential part of any exercise regimen.

It helps you to shed considerable amount of calories that in turns provides you optimal body mass ratio and enhances cardiac functioning, the entire process being manned by qualified trainers.

Steam / Jacuzzi

Termed as one of the finest and swiftest ways to tine up your tired muscles and restore your spirits. Steam facilitates hot air inhalation, which is the most natural and effective method of cleaning your respiratory system.

Since it exposes your body system to heat and forces sweat glands to open up to eliminate harmful toxins. End result, your skin ejects easy breath & improved complexion. Your body has to work harder to cope with the temperature changes of your body, especially after a shower, because of which your blood circulation improves and blood pressure is regularised & pains and aches disappears & you feel revitalised.




Our Aerobics hall is aesthetically designed with wooden flooring centrally air-conditioned and is well equipped with state-of-the-art audio system. Well-choreographed and scientifically designed simple exercises help your body get the right kind of workout to stay fit and trim.

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