Healthy & good diet & nutrition holds the key to a complete fitness of an individual. We boast of a top class Rejuvenation centre that is equipped with a Diet and Nutrition Laboratory that is one of its kinds in India & staffed with resident dietitian & support employees. In addition to this, we also offer the best & finest of health foods, specially prepared herbal teas and prescribed nutrition diets for rehabilitation management.

Our qualified Dietitian's services remain at hand to work up your strength building / weight loss & rehabilitation programs. It remains a fundamental factor that plays a key role in shaping your body's fitness.

Weight Loss Programme

Scientific program specially designed by a team of doctors, physical therapists and dieticians & acts in a natural way to help obese people to shed excess weight vide a balanced program of diet and exercise. Well manned by our dietitian, check up is done on a daily basis so that your weight loss is comfortable, convenient and consistent.

The prescribed exercises by our physical therapist are energising and simple & help shape up and tone your weight loss. After you lose weight we have a maintenance program, which takes care of the most important aspect of losing, which is maintaining weight loss. Get trims and fit, keep heart diseases and diabetes at bay.

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