A key modern method that seeks to put patients at ease & works their health for the better. As per the World Health Organisation (WHO), "Health is not mere absence of disease but a physical, physiological, social and spiritual well being".

Powered by modern science and technology, a tremendous amount of progress has been worked up to refine medical progress & battle manifold unprecedented problems. Simultaneously, the effects of modern comforts have made contemporary era an "age of anxiety". Increased Stress levels has led to competition, anxiety & frustration & affected modern human beings psychological well being.

To counter the contemporary ills, Psychological counseling plays a healing touch to deal with problems of normal people of all ages in all stages of life excluding the mentally imbalanced people since they are meant for normal people to deal effectively with their career, social & personal problems. Being a fantastic aid in aiding normal people in day to day issues like resolving specific problems, making decisions, coping with crisis, developing, personal insight and knowledge. All these modern ills are healed through feelings of inner conflict or inter personal relationship & aims at aiding individuals reach a stage or state of proper well being through self exploration, self understanding, self direction and self motivation.

It helps various categories of people

Students / Young minds

Improves their concentration levels

Understands their natural aptitude

Builds self confidence and self reliance

Overcomes exam fear and anxiety

Improves performance in examination

Improves interpersonal relationships with teachers, friends and parents

Parent-child counseling

Improves their effectiveness and creativity

Time and mind management

Helps in picking the right career



Leadership skills

Self exploration

Improving interpersonal skills

Time management

Goal setting

Insight into healthy mind and body

Self actualization and unwinding

Housewives and Senior Citizens

Getting best out of your children

Handling behavioural problems

Bridges the generation gap

Helps coping with domestic stress

Improves relationships for a blissful life at home

Old age problems

Effective Psychological counseling by a qualified psychologist assists people from various walks of life to lead a more fulfilling and resourceful life.

In addition to this, we also provide you the following forms of medical treatments such as:

Circular Jets

Spinal Jets

Steam Bath

Underwater Massage

Immersion Baths

Tub Baths


Mud Bath

Various Packs


Short Wave Diathermy

Interferential Therapy

Ultrasound Therapy

Wax Therapy

Moist Heat Therapy

Cold Therapy

Infrared Therapy



Laser Therapy

Therapeutic Massages

Rehabilitation Fitness Tests

Chromo Therapy

Magneto Therapy

Colon Irrigation Therapy

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