A treatment where healing is a ritual and leads to a life that is nurtured well. Our treatment is based on the fact that Man is a product of Nature. Its basic theme remains that nature possesses a treasure of Medicines to treat all kinds of ailments. Its inner core meaning is emphasized by the "Knowledge of life and longevity", the oldest existing body of knowledge on healing process.

This great science is a treasure, well-used & put it into effective use for 2000 years & the main motto is to enable healthy persons attain greater vigour and eschew the disease that lurks within. It takes a holistic view of health, emphasising a balanced diet, physical fitness and healthy life style & does not aim at curing the disease syndrome instead it reharmonises the living body, restores the equilibrium of doshas and rejuvenates your body, mind and soul.

We bear in mind its preventive and curative aspects & collaborate with Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, Coimbatore, one of the leading institution in Ayurveda to disseminate the best available cure & heal effect. We boast of over 40 branches and 600 agenises all over India and abroad & maintain a tradition in treatment and manufacture of wide range of quality Ayurvedic Medicines to generate total health care.

Some of the specialised treatments provided in at our centre are popular 'Kerala Panchakarma Treatments' like Abhyanga, Dhara, Pizhichil, Navarakizhi etc are known to bring relief in chronic diseases. Special treatments & packages are available for weight reduction, joint problems, skin diseases etc. In addition to this, we also impart Ayurvedic treatment in a traditional way under the expert care of Ayurvedic consultants and trained therapists from AVP; consultations are given for all kinds of ailments. Message remains simple, Live Healthy & Live the Ayurvedic way of treatment.

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